1. That’s the best “Reality Check” I’ve ever seen, and possibly the first time ever that the comic was funny.
    P.S. I liked the top half of “Off the Mark” too, until the caption turned it into a CIDU.

  2. The shade plants (plants that grow well without full sunlight) are throwing “shade” at Denise (making sarcastic or passive-aggressive criticisms).

  3. I know “oy” category is meant to indicate puns, but we tend to take that broadly. This time, however, I think these all can be seen to fit a specific sense of “pun”, with the joke in each case turning on a recognizable lexical ambiguity of some word or phrase. Bravo!

  4. Why is the judge explaining a witness’s testimony to the defendant? Normally they just let the character witness, you know, actually testify.

  5. Carlfink, I’ll venture that the character witness, and good neighbour, is the good fence to whom the judge refers – a receiver and reseller of stolen goods who believes one good turn (e.g. selling him stuff super cheap) deserves another.

  6. @ Powers – Thanks for the explanation, I was not aware of the newer slang sense of the word “shade”, but what threw me the most is that the all the flowers she is watering seem to be in full sunlight; there’s not a shadow anywhere to be seen.

  7. Hmm, I thought the defendant, pictured, is the fence, and Mr. Sims the character witness, not pictured, is the good neighbor. Or rather, Sims the character witness is a neighbor, perhaps good, but not the indicated good neighbor — that’s the defendant, the fence. Being a good fence is part of what makes him a good neighbor.

  8. Is this the third Saturday in a row I forgot to add the subject line?

    Seriously, what’s with my brain on Friday nights?

  9. Any other site no one would notice the missing subject, but so often your subject lines are the best part of the post.

  10. Oddly enough, I thought the term “shade plants” referred to the ones creating the shade. Such as most trees and such. Shows you how much of a gardener I am.

  11. “Seriously, what’s with my brain on Friday nights?”

    Why is Friday night different from all other nights?

  12. I thought these were all brilliant ideas; I feel the argyle sweater could be better but I’d like to know how.

  13. Kevin, possibly a low-level disappointment is from “in all caps” not quite applying when it’s more like “all in caps”. Anyhow, I think that was the slight issue for me.

  14. Grawlix, a “shade tree” is indeed what you describe, but a “shade plant” could be either.

  15. @ Kevin – My initial reaction was that the cursive “e” didn’t quite qualify as a “capital ” letter, but now I think that substituting the sideways “W”(from the Washington Senators Nationals) is a brilliant solution. The only “large” American city that starts with “E” is “El Paso, Texas”, which does not have any well-known sports teams.

  16. Wow; I think I may not have noticed the hat on its side.
    Again, I love that joke.
    I would have laughed, or laughed harder, if I’d been presented with a separate panel or box with a view of the beach and caps on it.
    Having the guy asking the question standing right next to the caps may have felt, to Hilburn, like a clever add on that could also let the comic be done in one frame.
    But by being added subtly, we merely think about him not noticing it, and we think it’s clever.

    I think (i’m doing a lot of thinking) that this drawing, as is, could be improved by following the rule of 3’s with one more line, either dialog or caption. (In my head, I’m hearing my manager saying, “it would be good for you to get experience doing that”.)

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