1. Baldo is usually too sickenly sweet for my taste, but the one was really funny (much better than Retail, which was only Ewww, with no humor other than the fluid on the twit’s hands).

  2. Was anyone else taught from their childhood that the very first thing you do with new clothes is wash them (for this and and other related reasons)? That is gross behavior, but things on shelves and hangers are not sanitized for our protection.

  3. @ Catlover – The primary reason for washing new clothes is not the detritus that may have been deposited on them in the store or in shipping, but to remove the “sizing” treatment that definitely has been applied to the thread and/or fabric before the garments are assembled. The effect is very pronounced with dress shirts and pants, but less so for polo shirts and jeans. (Wikipedia claims that a fabric is washed to remove the stuff, but that’s not in accordance with the facts. The treatment makes the fabric stiffer and easier to process.)

  4. You’re both assuming that one wash would be enough to remove either unwanted additive.

  5. @ C.o.W. – The expressions in the third panel aren’t because the kids are shocked to see that his finger is not clean: the are simply revolted by the size of the haul.

  6. I had read somewhere to always wash clothing before wearing due to the finishing on them – Robert thought the idea was crazy “it just ruins the niceness of the clothing for the first wearing” or “then it shrinks and you can’t wear it” (answer to last one – then it should be returned as it will no longer fit you).

    Then “House” had an episode where the mysterious illness of the week was due to the patient having worn new jeans without washing them. So do to a fictitious plot-line in a medical TV show that I would not rely on the medical information in (as opposed to other shows that do I trust the medical information in) , he does not argue when I wash his clothes before he wears them.

    Rats, it is 2:07 am, he will come down shortly for snack and I forgot I was suppose to hand wash the stain off the cuff of the sleeve of his new (2 months) winter jacket that he got reaching over someone at Costco to pick up my slice of pizza – better do it before reading any more.

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