1. Bob’s hairball must have come from the mouse which no doubt lived behind that standard-issue mousehole next to the credenza.

  2. “Is the dog extruding a snowman from his butt? Too weird.”

    I think it’s supposed to be that it’s so cold the poop turned into a snowman.

    When I was a kid it was frequent in cartoons to see freezing water turn into ice cubes and as a kid who had never seen frozen water in any form but ice cubes it was easy for me to imagine this being intuitive as “frozen water=ice cubes” (even though I knew that wasn’t true). But “cold = snowman” is a bit of magical narrative transformation I just have no reason to accept. So … yeah weird.

    Okay, so now I’m curious. For those of you who grew up in climes where temperatures occasionally dropped into the low 30s…. when you watched the Tom and Jerry cartoons where Jerry is resucitating Tom after falling into the frozen lake and Tom is coughing up ice cubes in perfect cubes… did you think “huh, water wouldn’t form cubes without a tray mold? So that doesn’t make sense.” Or were you able to find it funny anyway.

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