1. When the Maid of the Seas whispered to me in the breeze
    She said sex is the opposite of death

    Remember when we discussed the Wainwright / McGarrigle / Roche clan and their music? This is The Roches.

  2. Does Dia de Muertos focus on chocolate? Sugar skulls and decorated bread, yes, but I don’t recall chocolate in what I know of it. Though I don’t actually celebrate it nor have I ever been in a place where it was generally celebrated; or it may have collected chocolate in modern times, modeled on Halloween.

  3. Heh. Before I was alerted to Halloween by other commenters, my first idle thought was that Death related to Easter and chocolate eggs.

    On a non-chocolate track, perhaps in the artist’s mind Cupid (sex, procreation) and Death (death) are more linked as per the saying “Life is a sexually transmitted disease that is 100% fatal”.

    On a pedantic track, are either Halloween or St Valentine’s Day “holidays” in any sense?

  4. @narmitaj, “Saint” Valentine’s day is by definition a holiday=”holy day”. By the less-pedantic definition, Halloween surely is. It’s a day spent in celebration.

    My question is, aside from pop culture, why Saint Valentine’s Day is “Cupid’s holiday” and not Valentine’s. Val would hate that, Cupid is literally a pagan god.

  5. “By the less-pedantic definition, Halloween surely is.”

    Maybe it helps if you consider Halloween’s true name… All Hallow’s Eve, the night of All Saints Day.

  6. I don’t associate Halloween with chocolate (candy in general, yes; chocolate specifically, no), as I do Valentine’s Day and Easter, so that’s why I thought it was a C[hocolate]IDU. In fact, the entire week’s theme of Cupid and DEATH being ‘twins’ has been one IDU.

  7. Mitch4 – I love Kate McGarrigle. I’m sorry for her death. We lost a fine human being and a great artist.

  8. C’mon people. sex and death. If you’re not familiar with that dyad, google it.

    Without sex, there’s no individuality: in one sense, every amoeba on the planet has been alive for millions of years.

    “We must love one another and die” Auden, before revision

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