1. If the poodle didn’t look dead, I’d say that the yellow dog was just saying a casual hello in doggy terms, but cupid mistook it as something more…joke being: “What am I supposed to think when you put you nose there? C’mon!”

    Poodle might not be dead, I guess. Just intensely smitten.

  2. for dogs that may be a casual “howdydo”, but in my more human experience cupid’s involvement is required sometime prior.

  3. Yeah, if it weren’t for the floaty hearts, it would look like Cupid used the wrong kind of arrow and shot the poor poodle fatally or at least to serious injury.

    My phone kept trying to insert some emoji, so I’ll let it have its way. Cupid 💘 poodle 🐩

  4. Grimm is terrified that Cupid mistook Grimm’s attempt at innocent flirtation as a desire for a serious commitment.

  5. Looking at this one again, I got the horrible (“Ewww”!) impression that Grimmy may have been complaining about Cupid’s aim (that the arrow should not have hit her midriff).

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