1. There is some kind of site or app that rates him as to whether he is worth offering a refill. He has not made a good enough impression, because he doesn’t have enough points to get a free refill.

  2. You need to get your facebook friends to acknowledge being advertised to in order to get a refill. If you want a refill, you need to get 25 of your friends to like the post you made saying that you want a refill, and only six of his friends responded.

    … as a marketing scheme, it probably would work

  3. @ianosmand: I guess you’re right. I was thinking that he was being reviewed by the staff, but your take makes more sense. And people already do this, with all the company Facebook pages they insert into my feed on the promise of a chance of winning something.

  4. It’s a Pavlovian response. Many’s the time I’ve reached for the imaginary “like” button to boost the post of a comment above me. Alas and alack :^(

  5. “Likes” are things that happens on “social media.” “Social media” is new and interesting, so referring to it in a comic is “funny.”

  6. I saw that episode of Back Mirror and/or The Orville, and I either want my readers to see how hip I am in referencing those/that episode, or I somehow think my readers never heard of either, and so I’m rip them off…

  7. While the strip is certainly confusing, I have to ask if yellow and green hair is typical of a “hipster millennial”.

  8. The guy on the right is a regular in the strip, and as far as I know is supposed to just have natural blond hair. That’s what the yellow indicates; and the green is maybe a drawing technique for shading or highlighting. (I mean art highlighting, not hair highlighting!)

  9. @Mitch4 “I just put a Like on this entry, on your comment, and on my previous comment!”

    This is like a reboot of Harvey. I believe *you* see the likes, but um… :^)

    – reading from just the website

  10. Right, they’re not visible from the regular web view. But they do show up in Reader View from the web (if you sign in), and in the WordPress mobile app. Also in some circumstances (I don’t know which) in email notifications.

  11. Maybe the headline should be “Pardon my wish to end my miserable life” based on how all the characters look.

  12. @Mark M – Even the woman on her laptop in the background looks like she just learned that her dog died.

    This is one sorry planet these characters live on each day.

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