1. People today are so emotionally debilitated that they can no longer think for themselves. He won’t know if the woman in front of him is right for him until it’s confirmed by a third party.

    Man, I’ve been there! Well, I haven’t, but I guess that’s the assumption of the the artist, or at least he feels we’ve met someone like that.

    As SB said, dude’s got issues. Let’s all laugh at him and his poor girlfriend’s situation.

  2. It sounds like he knows that his therapist will advise him to start dating other women.

    So many people think that a person they start dating (even if they date that person only once) is the person they should date exclusively from then on.

    But cooler heads (such as parents, therapists, etc.) will often suggest that it’s not bad to see other people if you’re not married, and actually recommend that (much to the shock of the person who believes in dating only one person at a time).

    Seeing other people while you’re currently dating someone is often looked down upon, quite often by one’s peers. Once they become parents, though, they tend to start subscribing to the idea that — hey — if you’re not married, maybe you CAN see other people!

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