1. It’s Superman. CLARK cerrtainly wouldn’t be leaving Ms. Lane’s apartment at night… he wasn’t brought up that way.

  2. Trouble is, thanks to a few decades of the “real” comics (and “real” movies and shows) owning and riffing on the old conventions, plus full-on comedy creations like The Tick (all incarnations) and The Incredibles, jokes like this rarely nail the landing any more. You have to bring something more to the table.

    “Lois and Clark” itself riffed on conventions, presenting Clark as a genuine small-town boy who happened to arrive by rocket and, unlike earlier incarnations, was winging the super-hero thing. His mother made his costume (after a few false starts); he’d inelegantly change in the men’s room (putting a fist through a stall door); villains often had satiric motivations rather than the usual megalomania. A little bit like Peter Parker, originally a hard-luck teenage schlep who remained a schlep after he acquired spider powers.

  3. One of the early episodes had this exchange between Clark and his mother:

    Martha Kent: [about a spot Clark’s trying to get out of his cape] Clark, is it a dirt stain or an oil based stain?
    Clark Kent: I don’t know, Mom. It’s a bomb stain.

  4. His mom had a fax machine and that amazed him.

    Was it in that show or the first movie he goes to change clothes in a phone booth, only to find the small, open, only glassed in around the phone area and has to figure out what to do.

  5. Maybe Deering had Star Trek on the brain. It’s an article of faith among Trekkies that the third season of the original series was terrible.

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