1. If it were a ballet school instead of a generalized “music” one, they could work this up into a snappy Isadora Duncan joke.

    (Too soon?)

  2. Scarfs instead of belts. I suppose the music academy is just because it provides simple visual cues, since they need to be outside.

  3. I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote that! Oh, I see. It came from the commentary and I absorbed it without thinking. I must be tired.

  4. I saw Peter Schickele (P.D.Q. Bach) touring with pianist David Oei, and if I remember correctly Schickele said that Oei was born and raised in Hong Kong where he earned a black belt in piano.

  5. It is probably just because I live in Boston where they’re kind of necessary for the weather, but, in my experience, a lot of the music school students I see wear scarves… wouldn’t surprise me if there was a ranking system for them.

  6. Wearing scarves is a sign of artsyness and wearing black is the extreme artsyness.

    I think this is a case of the cartoonist noticing something and makes associations and assuming everyone else has equally noticed and made the same associations.

  7. I was a music student in Boston and we wore scarves but I never knew of any ranking system for them. But woozy is right: I preferred a black scarf, and everything else black as well.

  8. I know it is a stereotype that singers wear scarves (to protect their voices) and I supposed that can be extended to other musicians who need good breath (like like players of brass and woodwind instruments)…

  9. At the candlelight event last month I wore a warm scarf around my neck every night – over my period clothing – as I had a sore throat and was trying to keep it from getting worse as despite standing in front of a huge fireplace with fire, there are drafts in the building since the front door is open most of the time. Lovely blue scarf – Robert wove it for me on his larger loom. He had a problem making it due to yarn he used and it is a bit shorter than he intended – but it turned out the perfect length for me. It worked very well – he has a miserable cold, but I did not get sicker.

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