1. He has to be on the midnight shift. Clearly, with a ‘must-have’ product like that, they need to operate 24/7.

  2. He’s a classic office jerk who’ll be paid to BE a classic office jerk, The midnight shift implies zero supervision, which is conducive to making copies with his butt.

    Li’l Abner was occasionally shown at his dream job, tester at a mattress factory. He’d be flat out on the company’s products, snoring away, as the boss pointed him out as a role model for other employees. He’d even work through his lunch hour and put in overtime.

  3. Yes, midnight shift has all the fun. Years ago I worked in a QC lab in a printing plant, and everyone with seniority chose midnights. We newbies all got stuck on the wasteland of afternoon shift (the preferred shift of alcoholics because the bars are still open when you get off work and you can sleep in late every day, but you only see your loved ones on weekends).

  4. I worked second shift for five years and hated it.

    Sure there’s no traffic going home after midnight, but one time some idiot was driving towards me on my side of the Jersey barrier.

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