1. Given the way that boss was drawn, Hilburn might as well have changed the first “F” in the second line to “RI”.

  2. The first one made me think of the sandbox we had when I was a child. My dad had nailed some boards together and we got the sand from a dune-like thingy nearby. It didn’t have a cover, like they do now.

    We used to dare each other to eat the sand, until a visiting friend pointed out that it was really a giant cat box.

  3. So the pill goes through the patient and he retakes it again? Yes that’s truly an Ewww if I’m understanding correctly. But what kind of pill stays intact at exit time? That would make it quite ineffective as no medicine is absorbed.

  4. @ Mark M – That’s exactly was the cartoonist intended. It doesn’t have to be logical, or plausible. The pill doesn’t need to retain its form in a real person, it only needs to hold itself together in the reader’s mind, just long enough to convey the über-ewww. This is what “cartoon physics” is all about.

  5. P.S. @ Chak – During the previous summer we simply stacked the kid’s mini-trampoline on top of the sandbox as a cover. I thought the gap was too small for a cat’s head, but one day I discovered footprints, and raking through the sand revealed an astonishing number of disgusting “lumps”.
    Since replacing the sand, we still use the trampoline as a sandbox cover, but now we flip it over, so that there is absolutely no “gap”.

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