1. And an audio clip was actually used as an intro or an outro on a rock song. Something like…

    Darla: Would you push me on the swing?
    Alfalfa: Sure, Darla.
    Spanky: Hey, Romeo, what about your pledge to the He-man Woman Haters Club?
    Alfalfa: I’m sorry, Spanky. I have to be my own man.

    I think in that different time, something called “Woman Haters Club” actually did exist, just not violent as it sounds to someone today, as it probably would be today.

  2. From time to time on other forums I frequent men (often Boomer age) complain about their exes.
    I think of the “He-Man Woman Haters Club” when they do this, and this comic seems apt in that light, as it’s just grumpy old guys.

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