1. She’s taking the picture because the arrow is pointed to his crotch. He doesn’t realize it which is why he wonders that she is taking his picture.

  2. Brad intends a humorous display pointing at the chimney, and is momentarily positioned so the arrow is pointing at his naughty bits.

    Still kind of a mess as a gag. The joke would be clearer (and more obviously inappropriate) if it was Luann astride the roof. Maybe the characters were switched in a moment of creator panic. And why Rudolf and not Santa?

  3. “why Rudolf and not Santa?”

    Rudolf with your nose so bright
    Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight

  4. Because Rudolph has those big antlers that can seriously damage your crotch.

    Or if he leads with his big red nose, he can seriously beep your crotch.

  5. “I just read it as the arrow was pointing to the guy in general, not any particular part of him.”

    I’m sure that’s how he’d like to play it to the comics censors. If comic censors actually existed which, they clearly don’t.

  6. If Brad was on all fours and the sign said “Rudolph enter here”, that would be more picture worthy but clearly not appropriate for a newspaper comic.

  7. “why Rudolf and not Santa?”

    The North Pole operation is actually a dictatorship. Santa may be the jolly public propaganda-friendly face of the ruling class, but the populace know they have to refer to Rudolph as their Deer Leader.

  8. But can Rudolph read the sign?

    I hope that they don’t intend to light a fire in the fireplace – and the heat exhausts from their furnace, etc. don’t go up the chimney – I am guessing that the strand of Christmas lights going down the chimney will not survive the heat.

  9. Of course Rudolph can read the sign. He is literate. In the 1948 Fleischer cartoon he writes a note to his parents before leaving to join Santa.

  10. Read in the local newspaper the other day that there is a now an anti-Rudolph movement as the other reindeer were discriminating against and picking on him. The fellow who wrote the piece talked about how when he was a boy and the others would not let him “join in reindeer games” Rudolph got him through it as he knew eventually it would be better and that those who think it should not be on TV are crazy.

    I have for some time been upset that the other reindeer only like him for what he can do, not who he is – although I like the story/song and would not rule it out based on same.

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