1. Goes along with the Carolyn Hax column “Daughter may skip family reunion to celebrate with in-laws she sees weekly”

  2. Having read the column (thanks, Darren), I find this funny. It explains their Thanksgiving complaint and puns on “the bird”.

    Before reading the column, I could see that there was likely a joke in there, but couldn’t find it.

  3. Before reading the column, my first thought was ‘If that’s how you react,, maybe she just doesn’t want to see you.”

  4. Okay, I’m done with posting Nick Galifianakis comics as CIDUs: too often they’re just illustrations for Hax’s columns even though GoComics publishes them on their own as part of their “Nobody’s Really Paying Attention” Policy (see: Ah-Choo).

  5. Bill, you’re right. These should never be published stand-alone. And on CIDU, it’s like posting certain comics without their hovertexts.

  6. Due to the religious difference between Robert and me (Catholic/Jewish) Thanksgivign was the only holiday for which both sides of the family wanted us. We tried to be fair but mostly we ended up with his. About 5 years into our marriage his sister got married just before Thanksgiving. I mentioned to him that we would be eating with one of his grandmothers and his parents – really, not much fun. I suggested we have both families for dinner – in our apartment. The idea of both sides of his family together was scary to him, add my family and he was really unsure. And “cook” dinner – not go out? (My family eats home, his eats out for holidays.)

    That year started a 25 year tradition of both families coming to us (around 12 people including us most years).

    We stopped the year we had bedbugs and stopped letting people come into the house – or going to other people’s houses. So now I cook the entire meal for two and we eat it on and off for at least a month.

  7. @ Meryl, My condolences on the bedbugs. I had them a few years ago, courtesy of a tenant, and I spent the whole summer going back and forth to the laundromat.

    Now they say there are ones in NYC that can withstand the heat of the dryer. I’m never letting anybody come into my house ever again. Oi.

  8. Which is why, Arthur, I stopped posting those as CIDUs as well. But at least comics with hovertexts offer you the additional information: when GoDaddy publishes these on their own, they can be pretty much worthless. As I said above, an indication that they’re not really paying attention.

  9. Chak – only someone who has had them can understand. I have to go to Manhattan one day a month for work – and I can’t drop the client as we need the money. I sit on a metal folding chair there and put my briefcase in a tall kitchen bag I bring with me (I told her that the case was getting dirty on the floor). I had been changing clothes in the parking garage before I got back in the car. I had gotten to the point where I no longer did so and they started talking about them on the subway. I had been – and am – standing on the subway, but now when I get back to the car I change my shoes and stockings/socks and seal them in a plastic bag until I get home and put them in our Packtite heater. It is made to heat suitcases after a trip and we rigged it up with a laundry basket with holes drilled in the bottom to heat smaller items.

    The reason they mentioned the bed bugs on the subway was that they found east side subways had different bed bugs than west side subways, but uptown and downtown they match. So the bed bugs go uptown and down on the subways to get around, but don’t seem to use the cross town lines. 🙂

  10. @Meryl A, Before I had bedbugs, I would have thought that your precautions were absurd. You’re right, only someone who’s lived through this particular trouble can really understand.

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