1. They aren’t going to the Emerald City…. They are going to…. where does the road paved with good intentions go? …. Uh, oh. … That’s where they are going.

  2. Juxtaposition. If they were on the yellow brick road they’d be heading happily to the Emerald City. But they are on the road to hell… that’s a juxtaposition. Juxtapositions are funny.

  3. Only the lion seems concerned, but then, he’d be cowering no matter what. The tinman is heartlessly indifferent, and the scare-crow is brainlessly optimistic — so, nothing to see here.

  4. The joke is that in this sweet, innocent story for the children, it turns out the characters are on the wrong road and headed to Hell. So it’s funny, get it? So really, CIDU Bill, I don’t think this is a CIDU for you. It’s a Comic That Is Really Weak.

  5. Bill, when are you going to learn that in cases like this there is NEVER more than is immediately apparent?

  6. @Mark in Boston: “Is Toto already in Hell “?

    He’s a little yappy dog, so I’d think it’s his next-door neighbors who would feel they were in Hell.

  7. Hey, I resemble that remark; I have five Totos (plus a Chorkie and a Havanese), and NONE of them is allowed to be yappy. However, *I* have neighbors with ONE yappy dog and yes, that is a Hell, even (or especially) to a dog lover.

  8. The original Not Ready For Prime Time Players had a weird little sketch about the Canadian version of “Wizard of Oz”. Gilda Radner was Dorothy, and she encountered a mountie, a hockey player and (I think) a bear. The one real joke was that they sang about following a yellow trail in the snow.

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