1. Wow, my brain hurts: so he’s supposed to be a climate change denier? So climate change is not happening; oh, but it is happening; well, that’s just because the gods are angry that you are implying that the climate is changing… PLUS: he hates those who claim the climate is changing, so now he has an excuse to suggest they should be sacrificed to the gods. So, the climate, which is not changing, is only changing because the infidels think it is changing, thereby angering the gods, so if we sacrifice the infidels the gods will be appeased and the climate will stop changing, just as it never was to begin with…

    And sadly, I think this is one of the best representations of this logic I’ve seen…

  2. If you haven’t been paying attention to climate change deniers, then, well, first, good for you. But second, they’ve recently shifted arguments. They’ve been doing this all along — as arguments become untenable, they slowly shift over to new ones.

    They started out claiming that the Earth wasn’t warming. Then they switched to claiming that there was no proof that the Earth was warming. As that became more and more hard to swallow, they switched over to, okay, maybe the Earth is warming, but it’s because of natural cycles or something else, not because of human action.

    At this point, while there are still ground-level climate change deniers who haven’t gotten the memo that the messaging has changed, and are still claiming that the Earth isn’t warming, the think tanks have shifted over to, “Okay, sure, the Earth IS warming, but you can’t prove that we humans are at fault.” But they’ve started rolling out their next argument, which is, “Fine, okay, the Earth is warming, and we probably did that, but it’s too late to do anything about it, so we should just be allowed to continue whatever we want to do.”

    And, yes, there is also, in that, an eschatological Evangelical strain which is claiming that climate change is in the hands of God, and fighting climate change is going against God’s Will.

    I wish I was exaggerating for effect. But other than grass skirts and pluralizing “gods”, this is actually a thing that people are saying.

  3. My best guess: The guy in the suit told the grass-skirt guys that some disaster (like crops failing, hopefully not the volcano in the background) is caused by the climate change that 97% of scientists agree is happening. Grass-skirt guys jump to the conclusion that the scientists are at fault through making the gods angry.

  4. I think Lark has it. I had difficult realizing the guy in the suit was supposed to be a climate change denier… Or maybe Brian Rauchfuss has it.

  5. A lot of climate change denialists consider believing in AGW as being heretical – an affront to God, saying humans can change His plan.

    Another example of so-called Christians using God’s greatest gift to humanity (our intellect) for nothing other than inventing more and more convoluted ways of calling Him a liar.

  6. ianosmond – I don’t consider myself a “climate change denier”, but I haven’t seen much to make me think it’s real. I have always said from the beginning of the climate change furor that the Earth is warming but doubt that humans are responsible for much of it at all. I don’t have a problem with your stance on the issue. Why not have an open mind and avoid being condescending by implying that anyone who doesn’t think like you is bonkers.

  7. So all the scientists working in the field, who have done all this research, are what — confused?

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