1. Especially if Odie is now under pressure. What goes in must come out (but not necessarily through the same orifice). For multiple reasons, this strip could have been tagged as an “Über-Ewww“.

  2. Cartoon logic: If there’s enough helium to float a dog, there must be enough helium to float any particles that come loose.

  3. …Says the cat who himself has been an icon in balloon form at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (twice!)

  4. @ CIDU Bill -I think we can grant Billybob that the expelled material will be heavily laced with helium. However, since there won’t be any sort of envelope to contain it, there won’t be any effect on the overall density. In other words, the stuff will plummet like a brick.

  5. I say Garfield has thought it through, only reason being that I have a dog that never um, loosens any particles, while on a leash. We can take her for a long walk and she will just be happy strolling along, and then as soon as we’re back home and take her off the leash she runs into the yard to do her thing. Odie might be like that too.

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