1. This reminds me of the movie “Her.” The problem is that any artificial intelligence that’s smart enough to be in a relationship is also smart enough to break up with you.

  2. Wayback before “Her” was “Electric Dreams” that we had to sit through in “Computer Class.” I have both novel versions of Demon Seed but haven’t finished either.

  3. Bill: I felt like the movie worked well all the way through. It did get 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, so apparently I wasn’t the only one.

  4. Re: Her
    I couldn’t remember a thing about this movie, even though I was sure I had seen it. I finally just went to imdb to check it out, and yes, I definitely did see it, and yes, it made absolutely no impression on me whatsoever. Unless I was extremely jet-lagged or something, this speaks to my agreeing with Bill’s assessment.

  5. I love my Palm Centro mobile phone (better even than the Palm Pilot Robert lent me to try when he needed cataract surgery and couldn’t see it and then let me keep as he not used it in 2 years and it had not mattered). I like my Blackberry Curve, but I hate my Samsung J1 Android!!!!!

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