1. You mistook that for a gag cover. It’s actually an exciting teaser glimpses of the action packed story inside cover. This is the classic story where Superman battles an army of ice cubed shaped aliens out to destroy America’s electrical grid.

    Okay, it’s a gag cover…. A freezer blockage is/was a common nuisance that is a pain to deal with and involves chipping away the frozen ice build-up with a hammer and ice pick. It’s an ordeal and hard work. But not for Superman! He has super-strength he can do it with his pinky!

    And, yes, that’s it. That was the heart of these gag covers. Here’s a task that must find difficult. But Superman is super so… he does it easily. …. That’s the joke.

  2. Okay, you are wondering why Lois looks so angry when he just fixed her refrigerator. Well, it’s because it was hard work for her and she’s exasperated and he just did it in a second with a wink and laugh at how simple it was and she’s frustrated at how belittled she and her earnest work and toil is and is simply dismissed as trivial.

  3. “There’s also the fact that the average comic book reader back then was an 8-year-old boy: would defrosting a freezer even be on his radar?”

    He’d have seen his mother do it (or, in the language of cartoons of the day, hen-peck his father into providing the elbow grease while she frets and he sweats and fumes– he, the 8 year-old boy, would probably been ordered to gather the hand towells lest the melting ice warps the floors). I think it’s fair game… not very funny… but within the scope or “Superman is Super– everyday hard stuff is easy to him”

  4. The mess on the floor threw me off. Water is understandable, but unless Lois normally keeps banana peels in the fridge, I don’t get why there is one on the floor.

  5. I don’t think it’s a banana peel, but a whole banana – but yeah, I also didn’t understand why there was fruit on the floor.

  6. You have to take the food out of the fridge to work and get access to the problem. Of course, then there’s not *enough* food.

    And apparently Lois doesn’t know “bananas like the climate of the very, very tropical equator, so you should never put bananas in the refrigerator”.

  7. Did women back then typically do housework in high heels? (Or only when “that hunky Superman is coming over, and I want to look feminine for him” — in which case wouldn’t she have skipped the work apron?)

    Trick question, of course; back then — at least the comics and movies world — women back then did EVERYthing in high heels.

  8. It’s possible the vibrations of Supes hammering the ice with his pinky could have knocked some stuff out of the refrigerator. The real question is why he’s doing this the hard way and not with his heat vision.

  9. First thought – when did Superman get married? Or did he just go door-to-door, offering to defrost freezers when he wasn’t busy saving the world?

  10. There is a fantastic history of Superman (and other comic books) featuring situations where the main character is basically just being a colossal dick. Usually the cover art was completely unrelated to the story or else it was some cop-out like an Evil Duplicate or a secret test of character or some such nonsense. All the make kids want to buy the issue to find out why Superman was being such a jerk. Sort of the click-bait headline of the comic book world at the time I guess?

    The Super Dickery blog catalogs lots of these and there are some really bizarre ones:

  11. Demetrios – this is from before he had heat vision. That wouldn’t show up until #59 (not referred to as such, but as a side effect of his x-ray vision).

    Andrea – Superman has been married for decades, though not when this issue came out – in the 60s or 70s, the Golden Age/Earth-2 version was revealed to have married Lois at some point after the two versions of the character diverged, and the main-universe versions married in 1996 (22 years ago! Delayed several years, due to the Lois and Clark TV series…they inexplicably wanted the TV version to marry first)…then things got…weird. But that’s now been retconned and they’re married again, and always have been.

  12. “Superman has been married for decades, t…. retconned and they’re married again, and always have been.”

    I liked the days when you didn’t need a Ph.D to understand comic books.

  13. “Bananas like the climate of the very, very tropical Equator,
    So you should never put bananas in the refrigerator, Lois.”


    “I always heard that you’re not supposed to put bananas in the fridge.”

    Double Hey!

  14. Superboy was actually tipped off because he knew (what with being a teen himself) that if an old married couple had their bodies turned back to teenagers, their first inclination would NOT be to get the ukulele and tap shoes out. It’d be more like, “Son we’re going up to our room for a . . . nap. Don’t come up there! In fact, you might want to take a walk. For like an hour. Maybe two. We might need several naps.”

  15. Shrug – TV and movie women did the housework in a nice dress and heels. My mom -and the other moms I knew – did their housework in a housedress (mumu) and house slippers.

  16. I think the banana and whatever the other fruit is on the floor, just fell out of the fridge as the bananas are on the bottom shelf of it.

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