1. To be fair, if you want to do a joke about the disappearing meme, there aren’t many punchlines you can go with.

    (… Man, I fear looking at the comics page in a month or two when any inspired by Bowsette get published…)

  2. It’s a viral thing. The disturbing aftermath is people are doing something similar to other people…specifically small children. They cover the child, say some hocus-pocus, and then everyone pretends they can no longer see the child. It usually involves a staged photo (taken beforehand) that “proves” the child is invisible. Terribly cruel, especially contrasted with the animal videos.

  3. @ Irene – That sounds nasty.

    Years ago I saw an amazing film taken of a two-year-old who had never before seen a mirror. They set it up with a large “one way” mirror, and had two cameras filming the action: one through the mirror, and one in the room with him. As you might expect, the kid first thought he had a new playmate, and only gradually learned that he was looking at his own reflection, going through a fairly hefty phase of anger before getting there. I missed the introduction, so I never learned what they had to do to keep the baby from seeing a mirror for two years, but it seemed like a massive amount of unfair manipulation. I also do not know where it was filmed, but it was neither Germany nor USA nor UK (there wasn’t much spoken, but it was in a language that I could not identify).

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