1. @ Bill – That’s OK. The (funnier) second one made up for the fairly lame (but more disgusting) first one.

  2. I get it, but I’m trying to figure out WHY grandpa brings his grandson a bag of dog poo. Does he do that regularly?

  3. I wonder if it’s meant to indicate elderly mental confusion — he does sometimes stop at a store or bakery and bring home a treat, in a crumpled bag. When he walks the dog and has something else in a bag, he may forget by the time he gets inside, and genuinely think he is offering a treat.

  4. Note that he didn’t offer the kid a treat, just a surprise.

    I don’t think Grampa is particularly confused in the strip, and when he is it’s to suit his purposes – like getting out of work. My grandfather had hearing problems, which always seemed to get much worse when it was something he didn’t want to hear.

  5. I read Pickles just about every day. And knowing Grandpa, I really doubt he’s mentally confused. I think he just gets a kick out of messing with his grandson.

  6. I think grandpa is just carrying on in the tradition of all dog walkers. grandma certainly was onto him. I’ve even used the joke when walking my MIL’s dog, (Guero, the original – that’s him as a puppy in the upper left.)

  7. You ask why Grandpa hands him the bag as a surprise?

    You never had a Grandpa or uncle or father who did things like that, thinking they were funny?

  8. Ah, I actually thought that was a real Ziggy cartoon, and was wondering what Bill was on about. Alas, I guess.

    Ah, Ziggy, will you never win?

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