1. After all the poorly-drawn vehicles in comics we’ve seen here, I appreciate Charles Addams’ artwork. That’s a neat little school bus.

  2. Classic. And if that got published today, folks would freak the **** out.

    My favorite back-to-school joke is still:
    “I don’t want to go to school! The kids all hate me! The teachers all hate me!”
    “You have to go, dear. You’re the principal.”

  3. Actually, considering the Family, I’d expect the bus driver to be relieved to receive the tyke in that way.

  4. Gee I wonder if Robert’s parents ever thought of doing that to him. He did not go to school willingly – I have heard the stories from his parents and from him. He still hated going to school when he was the director of the school (a combination day treatment mental health program for children and school).

  5. “Yet another way to get the reluctant student to school ”

    I didn’t even have to look at the link, let alone follow it, to know which one you meant. GoComics comments cheered for Dad finally getting one over.

  6. Yes, Dad isn’t usually the one who uses technology, which is why I thought this one particularly funny – unexpected twist (I know, that’s redundant, but what the heck).

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