1. She’s choosing to contest the advertiser’s suggestion that women are valuable precisely to the extent that they resemble the spokesmodel. Perhaps because she finds it difficult to compete at her horribly advanced middle-age and is thus intensely jealous of the pretty l’il thing in the bloom of youth.

    When people see vandalized ads, they tend to picture adolescent youth, specifically MALE youth, as the culprits. Or, at least, that was the fundamental assumption, I believe.

  2. Maybe she’s a little envious of the youthful beauty on the ad and thus defaces her with a moustache?

  3. At first I thought that the ad was for lipstick and that she was using that lipstick to add a beard and mustache. But the ad is for toothpaste.

  4. Relayed from Ron:

    It doesn’t make much sense because it’s 1 of 2. The next one shows her turning around to leave and she has the same beard and mustache as she just drew.

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