1. “Clowns can actually EAT pies?”

    SCARY clowns can actually EAT little boys.

  2. Three clowns and only one pie. Probably not intended to target each other. By the evil looks on their faces, I’m guessing the boy bringing the pie is also the target.

  3. I think Liō is debating whether to serve them slices, or to deliver the whole pie directly to a target that is so big that it would be hard to miss.

  4. Maybe something about how gaping Lio’s hunger-inspired open mouth is in the first panel, and he’s proud of that, but is then brought down by realizing clown mouths are, all the time, naturally even bigger? That’s not exactly a joke, but this is LIO, where a lot of jokes . . . aren’t. (Just throwing the idea out; I don’t really believe in it.)

  5. Why is the pie steaming? You only throw cream pies at clowns. Maybe that’s why Lio looks so nonplussed – he has the perfect target but the wrong ammunition.

  6. Chak – I believe the 3 Stooges were involved in pie fights that used a number of different flavors. I seem to recall Curly wiping some pie off his face, tasting it, and exclaiming something like, “Oh, blueberry.”

  7. re “Shrug, that’s a normal Lio smile; no hunger involved.”

    Good point. O.K., then officially I Got Nothing.

  8. Bob, as I read that I clearly heard “Oh, blueberry!” in my head and saw the silly grin. hehe

    That said, it still shouldn’t be steaming.

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