1. Having at times 6-10 dogs, I didn’t see that as an EWW at all, but then, I have a bathroom pen, and don’t have to walk the dogs and pick up after them (in public) . . . but yeah, I could see it as an EWW for non-dog owners. I also thought of it as an LOL.

  2. My dog-related EWWW is people who allow dogs to drink from the toilet. I don’t CARE if it’s fresh water . . . for certain values of ‘fresh’ . . . just icky to me. ICK is a lesser form of EWWW.

  3. My aged (circa 19 years) cat has suddenly developed an obsessive interest of going out in the back yard so that she may drink out of the birdbath.

    I expect it’s a probiotic thing, as there’s certainly some leaf and insect bits in there, and possibly some bird exhaust, so I don’t see the attraction. But our theory is “Fenwick is 19 years old and this is probably her last summer and if she wants doubles on her cat treats AND backyard birdbath drinking excursions, why say no?”

    I’m sure that if I make it to the human equivalent of her age I’ll probably have some EWWW habits engrained as well, but I hope I’ll be allowed to exercise them. Well, at least until the SWAT team breaks down the door and hauls me away. “ATTICA! ATTICA!” Or possibly “BIRDBATHICA! BIRDBATHICA!”

  4. Fun fact: The band was named after a brand of steamroller. The machinery company name came about after a merger between the Buffalo Steam Roller Company and the Kelly-Springfield Roller Company in 1916. Buffalo-Springfield rollers were ubiquitous.

  5. The name “Buffalo-Springfield” always seemed to ring a bell for me but I could never quite place it.
    Now can you tell me what a Bachman-Turner Overdrive is? Could I have read about it in a 1950’s-era car magazine?

  6. From WikiPedia: “The original lineup consisted of Randy Bachman (lead guitar, lead vocals), Fred Turner (bass guitar, lead vocals), Tim Bachman (guitar, vocals) and Robbie Bachman (drums). This lineup released two albums in 1973.”

  7. “Fun fact: The band was named after a brand of steamroller.”

    And REO Speedwagons were fire engines.

  8. They weren’t just fire trucks. You could put any kind of vocational body on a REO Speed Wagon chassis. (Note that here the company name should be pronounced to rhyme with “rio”, not as separate letters.)

    BTW: REO were the initials of Ransom E. Olds, the name behind Oldsmobile.

  9. And I live next to Oldsmar, also named after him. And who names a child ‘Ransom’? Reminds me of O Henry’s story, ‘ Ransom of Red Chief’.

  10. Mark In Boston, OVERDRIVE does happen to be a trucker’s magazine. The band members reportedly spotted a copy at a restaurant and liked how it sounded appended to their names.

  11. Andréa, I once wrote an article about a teenager whose parents named him “Murder.”

    Want to hazard a wild guess what he’d been arrested for?

    (My first thought at the time was “I wouldn’t want to be the guy who has to defend him in court.”)

  12. Bill, I read about a case where the defendant’s foreign name sounded like “guilty.” The first thing the defense did was to file a motion, which the judge granted, to have the defendant called by a different name in the courtroom.

  13. @ Andréa – I remember “Ransom” as the main character in books by C.S. Lewis, but I just discovered that it was supposed to be his family name.

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