1. Why donate to “your” university instead of to others? (If your university has gone over to the Dark Side, that is.) Yes, you may be penalizing students at Dark Side State College, but by donating to other schools, you would be helping out students at Utopia Polytech.

    I recognize the good life I had for four years at my undergraduate college, but I’m pretty sure I could have had an equally good four years at a couple of hundred of other colleges at the same time. Other things being equal, I’d give preference to the Known Factor, but if other things were no longer equal, I wouldn’t have any problem transering my allegiance to [Redacted] Univerisity and to its students, even if I’d never set foot on that campus.

    (Though in practice, to be honest; I don’t donate to my old college, prefering instead to target my donations to “feed the hungry, help the homeless, and neuter the pussycats” charities. I have absolutely nothing against college students, but I’d think that relatively few are hungry or homeless, and perhaps could even afford to neuter themselves., as I did.)

  2. “relatively few are hungry or homeless”

    That’s rather the problem, though, isn’t it? And more are hungry than you might think.

  3. My alumni association deserves all the ridicule it can get. Vitually all of the mail I receive from there are letters begging for money. The fact that the institution is already extremely well-endowed makes it all the more annoying.

  4. “The fact that the institution is already extremely well-endowed makes it all the more annoying.”

    Well, how do you think it got that way?

    I don’t get the begging phone calls any more. I’m not sure what exactly led to that outcome, however. Maybe it was just changing my phone number for the first time in 20+ years.

  5. Kilby – What, exactly, do you mean by “well-endowed?
    Kilby – What, exactly, do you mean by “extremely well-endowed?”

  6. Sorry about the duplication. It seems I had to log in in order for my comment to pass through the portal. And, anyway, straight into moderation.

  7. @ TF – I meant that they have plenty of very large endowments, which apparently is not what you thought I meant.

  8. I just tell the alumni association I majored in music, applied piano. “How much money do you think I make?”

  9. Re Shrug’s point: My daughter and son-in-law both went to the same college, at different times and in different programs. My daughter hates the place, for many good reasons I won’t bore you with. My son-in-law has pleasant memories of a place that prepared him for a good job. They argue over son-in-law’s minor donations to the school.

    This is a particular problem this week since this is one of the colleges in the Final Four — we’ve been watching their games together.

    To me, this seems like an unnecessary marital spat, but then I’m sure many of my long term arguments with my spouse would look just as silly from outside.

    And, directly to Shrug’s point, I donate to Doctors Without Borders rather than my own well-endowed alma mater. Ebola’s more important than sports.

  10. Terrence, for the record, I have no idea why your posts keep going into moderation.

    Then again, on the old site, WordPress would choose people at random to pick on for periods of time (just the way my ninth grade math teacher did), so we shouldn’t be all that surprised.

  11. My university forever sealed its fate donation-wise for me and from me when senior year they decided to dig up the field behind my dorm and build a path — for months we had earth movers beep beep beeping as they constantly “backed” up (really, why does their moving in one direction warrant a shrill, piercing beep, but moving in the other direction not? Can you really tell which end is the “front” of a mechanical shovel?), annoying me mightily and disturbing what I was paying (through the nose) to do there, namely study. Then, when they were nearly finished, some soccer coach noticed that the new path ran through his auxiliary soccer fields, and so they beep beep beeped the damn new path away again. How many tens of thousands of dollars were pissed away in that exercise of failure of communication? And you have balls to ask me for a donation? After what I paid to go there? (Every year, when tuition went up 10% or 12% or 15%, there was always a very good reason why this “exceptional” tuition hike was necessary this one time, and really, it’ll never happen again, honest!)

    I’m with Kilby.

  12. Where I went to college was very important – I met Robert there!

    Our graduation was made into a giant mess by being completely changed at the last minute (technically I graduated a day before he did) to the point that parents who had reservations at local hotels months in advance had a problem as their child’s graduation was moved to another day and they could not change their reservations to come earlier or stay later – depending. Prior to that year all of the various departments at the university had graduation on the same day at the same time. Students could go from department party to department party. When others on the yearbook staff graduated the year before we did our group went from one to another so graduation was shared among all the departments and all were included. (We noted that the party matched the students in the department – English dept had wine and cheese, Business dept (mostly guys) had beer and pretzels…) Our year the graduations were so spread out that this was not possible. So they never received contributions from us. Even though they had sent mail to both of us at our current address at some point they stopped sending it – for donations as well as the alumni newsletter.

    larK – hence why I graduated in 3 years – I saved the increase the final year.

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