1. They found the snack vending machine on Craigslist and decided to put it in the bathroom.

  2. It’s Jeremy who spends too much time there (doing what?) and who is familiar with Craigslist, he presents the idea to his parents, and Walt hearing the idea for the first time is intrigued.

  3. “It’s Jeremy who spends too much time there”

    She’s speaking to Walt when she says this, not Jeremy. It’s confusing because Jeremy is in the panel but Walt isn’t.

    Jeremy might have time and inclination to spend too much time on Craigslist, but Walt’s the one with sufficient cash to have actually made a purchase.

  4. billybob has it: Jeremy bought it, and Walt it intrigued. Walt’s response in the final panel doesn’t make any sense if Walt;s the one who put it there.

  5. Isn’t there free stuff on Craigslist ? Besides, I think putting a snack dispenser next to the loo is too innovative an idea for a parent like Walt to have.

  6. Yes, you can buy vending machines on Craigslist. We even bought restaurant equipment- like fryers and those big stainless steel prep tables.

  7. Craigslist today just stopped doing personal ads. I wonder if Jeremy placed a personal ad for a snack machine? No stupider than buying one.

  8. Also part of the eternal battle over cuisine. In a favorite she outlines her dinner plan, featuring an eggplant entree. When asked for their preference, the menfolk yell “MEAT AND BREAD” in unison.

  9. Walt seems to be thinking it over as good idea.

    scottfrombayside – you sound like an episode of “Frasier”. The breakfast cart in Lilith’s (Fraiser’s ex-wife) hotel room ends up having to be hidden – along with his brother Niles. When she pushes the cart and Niles into the bathroom he says it. When Frasier is in her room and the hotel employee comes in with ketchup he asks where the cart is and when she tells him, Frasier says the same. (I leave to your imagination why she was having breakfast in her hotel room with her ex-husband’s brother.)

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