1. Other than the L>W swap, all I’ve got is that he thinks “delivering” a baby involves transporting it in a vehicle?

  2. I think it’s wonderful. I love strips that have my mind jumping around among the different understandings. Thanks CaroZ! for speaking what turned out to be, to me, a brilliant CIDU noticing of extra (or any) humor!

  3. My first thought was misunderstanding of some sort of a car being used by a guy for “attracting a babe” — but my second thought (likelier but an even further stretch, given obscurity of the word) is a pun on “couvade”


    “Couvade is a term which was coined by anthropologist E.B. Tylor in 1865 to refer to certain rituals in several cultures that fathers adopt during pregnancy.” etc.

  4. A common symptom indicating a man’s going through a “midlife crisis” is going out and buying a flashy sports car. And it’s hard to tell from the drawing, but the wife appears heavily pregnant. So I guess Hank is combining several crises into one?

  5. So, is it something specific to “Corvette”, or would “sports car” have worked as well?

    And can anyone work out a pun based on “doula”? (No, I know it’s not the same as midwife.)

  6. Beckoningchasm has it. He’s confusing mid-life and midwife crises.

    Mitch4: I don’t know exactly on the doula pun, but the first thing I thought of was fitting it into the bibbidi-bobbidi-boo lyrics of The Magic Song from Cinderella.

  7. Picture it: Four people sitting around a card table. Beer. Smokey atmosphere. Poker chips scattered around. There is a woman (or man…take your pick) lying prone on the table in semi-surgical clothing. She says: ‘C’mon Hank. I know you can do it. Stay with me.’ Hank says: ‘That’s it! I’m all in!’

    Caption: Hank bets his bottom doula

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