1. Yeah, he was thinking “She just got out of the shower; she’s not wearing green (since she’s not wearing anything)!” and not paying attention to the color of the towel.

  2. Is that a thing? Pinching people who don’t wear green on this day?

    My Irish cousins are really bemused by American St Patrick’s Day customs. Green beer? Are you kidding?

  3. It is a thing with some people. It’s not as widespread as some make it out, in my experience.

  4. I remember that there were immature idiots in junior high and high school who thought that the “pinching” bit was funny and/or relevant. Not wearing green was one problem, there were other purists who felt that wearing orange was just as bad. I could understand this fanaticism if it were Boston, but the percentage of Irish in the D.C. suburbs simply did not warrant this sort of devotion to a phony tradition.

  5. Arlo is in the print daily, Janis is in the online version. So she had to point out to him that her towel was green.

  6. @chakolate
    >>Is that a thing? Pinching people who don’t wear green on this day?

    It was a big thing in elementary school when I was a kid in Ohio (I’m pushing geezerhood). Everyone wore green to avoid getting pinched.

  7. I got pinched, sort of hard, at some point in my 70s. At 80, I can’t remember by whom, or the pincher’s gender. I’d like to remember the gender, at the least. In any case, it wasn’t my backside.

  8. I recall it as a tradition about middle-school age, where it served as an excuse for physical contact, when most were not yet skilled/experienced at negotiating same.

    I interpreted this cartoon as Arlo recognizes that she’s wearing green, but hopes to catch her between towel and (green) regular clothing. She’s telling him that that is a mistake she will make only once.

  9. And some of us get A & J in the printed newspaper and it isn’t colorized. (And I don’t have a smart phone, either…)

  10. You get a paper newspaper? Gee, and I thought I was a dinosaur. My hat’s off to you. I mean if I was wearing one.

  11. “Is that a thing? Pinching people who don’t wear green on this day?”

    “It is a thing with some people. It’s not as widespread as some make it out, in my experience.”

    When I was in elementary school it was the entirety of St. Patrick’s Day. It was the *only* thing anyone did on St. Patrick’s Day. And then as soon as we left elementary school, we completely forgot that was ever done.

  12. Is that a thing? Pinching people who don’t wear green on this day?

    If it was, I’d hope it would slow down as the pinchers get fists
    or elbows to their faces (depending on whether they’re pinching
    in front or from behind).

  13. Here’s a link to make dvandom’s Phoebe easier to find.
    P.S. I didn’t think the Sunday strip was that good, the one that appeared on March 17th is better, but it doesn’t have anything to do with green.

  14. As a Presbyterian from a long line of Protestants, I occasionally wear orange on St Patrick’s Day, and only non-Irish people have ever griped to me about it. I usually do wear green, but always feel very disingenuous about it. Sure, I eat corned beef and cabbage, because food is universal. 😉

  15. Seems to me that I remember some fights among Italians wearing orange and Irish wearing green in school.

    Our reenactment unit does a St Patrick’s parade (which is one of dozens in this area and they generally are not done on St P’s day as everyone goes to NYC for same). If any of us in the unit are wearing green – it is only because our period clothing is same. I have never seen the LI Motorcycle club wear green or the local high school either (and so on). The fellow actually manage to reload and fire while walking. We used to have the town’s reproduction whaleboat to carry those who were not firing (and sometimes one or two who could not walk the route and were firing) and carry spare cartridges in (US Army surplus) cartridge boxes. Once after the boat was no longer “paradeworthy” I drove my car at the front of the unit for a couple of older members to be able to ride (no firing from the car!) and I learned how hard it is to drive down the center line of a road – kept pulling over to the right side – and how hard it was to keep far behind the motorcycles but not lose the unit marching behind me.

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