1. It’s not always clear, but the strip is set in the late 60s to very early 70s, so the show would have been on in reruns. You can see when it’s set from Red’s mother’s hairstyle, his brother’s VW Beetle, and most especially the active space program with a focus on the moon. I’ve long suspected that Red is a self-insert by Basset.

  2. Yes, the comic is SET in the 50’s/60’s, but being READ today, so would the readers know about ‘My Favorite Martian’?

  3. That Seventies Strip?

    BTW, there was a My Favorite Martian cartoon show in 1973, and a My Favorite Martian movie in 1999.

  4. The show did air on one of the retro TV channels recently. I can’t remember if it was AntennaTV or Decades.

  5. It’s also available on Amazon prime video and as to syndication? It’s the lifeblood of TBS, MeTV, H&I, TNT. ASPRE and other cable networks.

  6. First-run syndication is pretty much dead for scripted shows. Try explaining the distribution of new episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation to the youth of today…

  7. You can also tell the era by the jeans – that giant fold up to allow ‘room to grow’ is a dead giveaway.

  8. Don’t forget there is Cozi TV also with old shows.

    I drive the guys from Direct TV at Costco crazy when they try to sell the system and won’t leave me alone – they have never heard of the channels mentioned in this post and do not carry them, but insist that they carry all the channels on our local cable system – and all of these channels are on same (along with also Heroes and Icons and others).

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