1. Gorillas smell bad, so keeping on in the store would have stunk up the place? I guess the inspector didn’t realize the gorilla was still on the premises, hence why he’s hiding?

  2. I think referring to an awful smell when talking of animals is a standard juvenile attempt at accent the cynical humor. Because you know, animals poop… and the humor is taking a high concept (an innocent cartoon about a gorilla) into the abasing and abrasive real world (poaching and illegal behavior) so bringing in poop is just punctuation.

    Frankly is smells (ha) of desperation as though the cartoonist is aware the humor won’t hold on its own. Which it kind of doesn’t.

  3. Re: the title – Magilla Gorilla (like a lot of HB’s other cartoons) got new life around the turn of the century in Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law. Primarily in the episode Free Magilla, where he was ‘liberated’ by some animal rights people. (They regretted it.) Birdman defended Mr Peebles against animal abuse charges. There was a running gag with Melvin van Peebles, in the gallery, during the trial.

  4. I laughed pretty hard at this. Probably because when I was a kid, it never occurred to me how crazy it would be to keep a gorilla in a pet shop window.

  5. @squid, I don’t think he’s hiding – the pet store window was where he was supposed to be, as I recall.

  6. Perhaps the poaching is what’s made of laws against selling some animals even as pets. Aren’t some supposed to be left alone in the wild except for specifically licensed rescue operations? Then the standard old poop smell gag in an effort to prop up the joke.

  7. With most wild animals, including apes, the only ones docile enough to handle are very young. The easiest way to get them in the wild (poaching) is to kill the mother and any other adult that tries to intervene. There are some available through breeding programs.

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