1. Yourself, if you’ve achieved something through hard work or treated yourself to some indulgence.

    Or maybe to boorish people you’ve done favours for, as a “And what do we say…?” reminder.

  2. Jame’s second option sounds right, although I like the idea of somebody sending out cards to other people celebrating his / her own self. Like a self-congratulatory speech.

  3. I figure it’s not unlike when the boss tells the secretary to buy all the gifts for secretaries’ day.

  4. If you’ve accomplished something that makes you feel especially
    good, you might treat yourself to something like a good meal at
    a good restaurant. Why not give yourself a “thank me” card, too?

  5. I’m with James — to people that you have done nice things for, but you feel they’re ungrateful.

  6. These cartoons often run with the Carolyn Hax advice column, often referring to the opening letter and not necessarily meant to stand alone. This may be one of those.

  7. Big Chief has it. Actually, I think every time I’ve seen one of these cartoons it’s referred to something specifically from the column.

    In this case, it’s dealing with a mother-in-law whose daughter-in-law never says “thank you.” : So James’ second option.


  8. I recently watched Moana/Vaiana with my kids, and this panel reminded me of the scene in which Maui inflicts a peremptory “You’re welcome!” on the title character, even though she has not (and does not want to) offer him a “Thank you”.

  9. P.S. @ WW – Although I’m sure that these cartoons are closely coordinated with the associated articles, I read them in “stand-alone” form at GoComics, and they are almost always self-sufficient. The isolated exceptions tend to show up here, which sort of skews the average impression.

  10. Doonesbury just repeated the thread where his secretary had a big non-wedding reception to officially celebrate her giving up on ever getting married. So maybe after one of those, you’d send yourself a thank-me card for all you did to make the day special.

  11. Hard not to think of these Steely Dan lyrics:

    “Rikki don’t lose that number
    You don’t want to call nobody else
    Send it off in a letter to yourself”

  12. There are always odd cards that don’t exist, so someone looking for “Thank me” could be something she is looking for as her therapist told her that to help build up her self-esteem she should thank herself. ?

    Then again, the card I could not find for two separate occasions is a graduation card for my mother other than generic graduation cards. When I asked in stores they showed me ones “from mother” but none for “for mother’. Two occasions as while I did not find any when she got her master’s degree in library science, I thought maybe by the time she got her master’s in taxation a few years later they might have one by then.

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