1. IDG Bizarro. I’m guessing it has something to do with her having seven different hair colors, but so?

    Oh. Clown car, er, buggy. Hee!

  2. I don’t know if he did this on purpose or not, but the moon as
    drawn is waning, so in another sense, no, it’s not waxing. I’d
    like to think he knew what he was doing.

  3. “I count it as a win if they don’t put any stars between the points of the crescent.”

    Yeah, that’s why Samuel Taylor Coleridge never had much of a career in comics (or astronomy), and had to settle for poetry. Sad, really.

  4. Is it “from the secretary, of the interior of my car” or “from the secretary-of-the-interior of my car”?

    And yeah, good catch, they are driving on the left, which makes no sense for so many reasons (New Yorker, New York-style setting, 1970/80s American style cars, “secretary of the interior”…)

  5. On the equator and even out into in the tropics, the moon lies on its side, and so it waxes and wanes up and down, from the top down, so that if the lit part is on top (frowny face), the moon is waxing, and if the lit part is on the bottom (smiley face), it’s waning. Think Cheshire Cat, with the smile getting thinner and thinner till it fades away completely…

  6. Assuming you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, the moon both waxes and wanes right-to-left; so if the left side is light and the right side is dark, it’s waning.

  7. Bill: if you say so — I don’t really see hands, either, and the weird blotches above the dash are equally present for the woman…

  8. I think the point is supposed to be that A) he’s driving the wrong way on a one-way street, and B) she’s trying to tell him that, and C) he doesn’t want to hear about it, dammit.

  9. “the weird blotches above the dash are equally present for the woman”

    I interpret what I see as she has shoulders, but he has (wider) shoulders and hands just peeking above the dash.

  10. Brian, next you’ll be telling us that desert islands people get shipwrecked on don’t have single coconut trees!

  11. Are you saying the car in the background is heading the other way? Having seen all sorts of poorly-drawn vehicles in comics I just first took it as approaching us along with the foreground one, on a multilaned divided highway with the other lanes blocked from our view.

    However I can also see it as the artist coming up with a composition without considering which side of the road he was depicting.

  12. Thanks to Brian Morisset – I thought that “Nancy” needed both a geezer tag and a citation for cultural illiteracy, but I wasn’t sure if that was just my impression.

  13. Apart from the car art, neither secretaries nor Secretaries of the Interior filibuster, except in a strained metaphoric sense.

  14. Seeking only to find an excuse for the New Yorker car to be on the LHS in the US and noting it has just passed an overpass, perhaps they are driving through an area with a diverging diamond interchange, one of which stretches my little psyche each time I pass through it.

  15. I see what you did there, Olivier…
    Are Bounty bars still a Europe thing, or can you find them in the US? Way back in antiquity, when I was studying abroad in Austria, my (American) roommate recalled a story about the brand-name conscious Austrians: he loved Mounds bars, and was only somewhat satisfied with the European version “Bounty” bars, so he was thrilled when he found actual Mounds bars for sale at Hofer, the Austrian name for Aldi, which is to say no-frills, discount food, often with “fake” brand names only found in the store. So when he proudly showed off his find, genuine name brand Mounds bars, for cheap yet, his enthusiasm was dismissed with a sniffy distain, “Oh, Hofer Bounty…”

  16. There used to be a brand of canned beef stew named Bounty here in America. There still is a Bounty brand of paper towels. But it seems to me that Bounty should be a brand of canned breadfruit.

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