1. I don’t know, I sometimes use ‘oy’, but I’ve never really tried to define it. Hm, I guess not.

  2. I thought Bach was the first composer to stream music.

    And Offenbach was the first to stream music frequently.

  3. I thought Bach was the first composer to stream music.

    I thought Bach was the first composer to stream music.

  4. This is one of the most forced ‘Oy’s I have ever seen here. It’s beyond a groan. It’s simply terrible.

    Saying that, I don’t know about streaming, but I’m pretty sure that one of Bach’s contemporaries was into CB radios. George Frideric was his Handel.

    (See? Terrible. Anyone can do it.)

  5. For the benefit of those less Germanically abled, ‘Bach’ is the German word for ‘stream’.

    I only know this because I saw a trivia program in Japanese that translated the name ‘Bach’ into the Japanese last name of Ogawa (‘小川’) which means the same thing.

  6. Chuckers : lol. At the time of Georges Bush’s presidency, some articles on the internet, translated from the English, used to mention “Georges Buisson”.

  7. Honestly, I just wanted to give CIDU a shout-out on SOSF, especially in case any SOSF readers were not aware of the new address here.

  8. @ billytheskink (& CIDU Bill) – The introduction above makes me wonder: was the downtime at CIDU discussed at “SOSF” or (even more significant) at Josh’s “Curmudgeon”? I don’t feel like digging through months of archives, but perhaps someone here might know: was there any relevant traffic at either of those two sites?

  9. @ Kilby – I know I read a few comments on Son Of Stuck Funky wondering what happened while CIDU was down, informing those readers was definitely one of the reasons I did the “oy” tag shout out.

    Can’t speak for Comics Curmudgeon, which I read daily but don’t spend much time in the comments like I do here, SOSF, and This Week In Milford.

  10. Billy, that was quite clever; thanks for that. In hindsight, I should have posted something there to let at least some people to know what was happening here.

  11. While CIDU was down, I was trying to google to see if it had been mentioned anywhere else – I figured there had to have been some discussion elsewhere on the internet. Reading through each day’s comments at Comics Curmudgeon (or opening each comment page and searching for relevant terms) was more work than I felt like putting into it.

    Also, I was going to thank Bill for mentioning Son of Stuck Funky here, as I used to follow that blog and then stopped for some reason. (I think I just got tired of Funky Winkerbean in general and stopped following commentary when I stopped following the comic itself).

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