1. Do we need a new category? Something like ‘Synchroneww’? Or do we already have one like that?

    And now I’m seeing the tags – did I just miss them before? Sometimes I can’t see what’s right in front of my face. Literally.

  2. I think the issue with the tags is that they aren’t on the front page of the comic, only on this page where the comments are. And they get lost in the “stuff” between where the comic stops and the comments start. And since the “comments” link usually takes you to the top of the comments, not the top of this page, they are easy to miss. I certainly hadn’t noticed any until you pointed out they were there, and so I went searching for them.

  3. Yesterday I saw something that used the “poo” emoji and it was a perfect usage. It was the base cover for a toilet bowl clear brush.

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