1. Luke. New Star Wars. (Sorry for the minor spoiler, anyone.)
    Also, wouldn’t the comic flow better with panels 5 and 6 switched?

  2. I’m so glad to finally find you guys. This site is one of exactly four sites that I follow religiously and I’ve been actually kind of upset that I might be down to three.

  3. Uh… are there still tags? I don’t see any, so I don’t know if something is supposed to be a CIDU or just a LOL or what. FWIW, I miss them. I need all the clues I can get.

  4. I could swear the tags move around randomly, though I’m sure that’ not actually true.

    Well, hang in there, I’m going to play Template Roulette until I find something that’s just right. Hopefully I don’t break anything in the meantime.

  5. @Kilby: I suppose it could be, but the old commercials are just as likely. I didn’t even know about the thing you linked to.

  6. I don’t get it. You can watch a farmer milk cows on Mister Rogers or Sesame Street, but Luke milks some alien cow and everyone gets grossed out?

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