1. I thought this one was quite good, much better than Deering’s usual average. The “irony” is precisely the fact that none of these birds is a normal “stereotypical” duck. Instead of swimming on a lake or getting shot by Elmer Fudd, these ducks are having a cocktail party and playing video games.

    P.S. I’ll take slightly scribbled artwork every day of the week, if it’s accompanied by manual pencil and/or crayon coloration and authentic hand-lettering.

  2. P.P.S. @ Mitch – Today’s CIDU comic was published just yesterday. Was it that much “better” (or more “urgent”) than everything else in the queue, or is it time to remind our collective readership that the editors could really use some new CIDU material?

  3. We’re always hoping for plenty of community contributions of material! OYs and LOLs will pretty much be automatically used as submitted; CIDU suggestions we may go over some discussion of what’s puzzling and what the answers might be.

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