1. Could be it’s more annoying because he knows it’s annoying, but stays right beside her, continuing to chew loudly.

  2. Also, he quit the reading since it was less annoying.
    That thing she’s reading..could it be what the Old Ones called a “newspaper”?

  3. Chemgal has it. Now he’s being purposely annoying, rather than accidentally annoying. He could try and chew more quietly, or just move farther away.

  4. I think she is annoyed that he is no longer interested in what she is reading but is ONLY eating loudly. E.g., she is more annoyed at being ignored.

  5. Anyone who suffers from misophonia (yes, it’s real, look it up!) knows exactly why it’s more annoying.

    And anyone who lives with someone who has misophonia knows this, too.

  6. I think his intention all along was to annoy her, and when she clarified which thing annoyed her the most, he had no need to use reading over her shoulder to annoy her. It’s more annoying to her, for now, she knows he’s doing it on purpose.

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