1. For some reason the top page is NOT showing the expected clip but the one here on the comments section is. I think my browser has some gunk in it.

  2. Okay, fixed it with a Ctrl-F5. And yes, I have seen turkeys fly as well. I got so excited about it my first thought was “Mr. Carlson was RIGHT!”

  3. I’ve never noticed before, but it looks like both Jan Smithers and Loni Anderson came close to losing it right at the end there.

  4. “hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement” is on the short list of funniest things I’ve ever heard.

  5. Some interesting background on this episode:

    The ENTIRE episode, for those who aren’t eating or watching some guys kick a ball around a field . . .

  6. Well, that’s weird . . . works fine, just not when it’s on CIDU. Sorry ’bout that, BUT if you copy and paste the URL, it’ll probably work. Maybe. I hope. Gobble gobble.

  7. “I’ve never noticed before, but it looks like both Jan Smithers and Loni Anderson came close to losing it right at the end there.”

    Well, wouldn’t you? The video I posted mentions that it was the most difficult episode to rehearse ’cause everyone kept breaking up, even tho they knew what was coming.

  8. I just watched it for the first time in years. It was as good as I remembered.

    I also noticed that Gary Sandy almost lost it when Mr. Carlson and Herb walked in for the last scene. And I’d forgotten that this also contains my favorite Carlson/Johnny interaction ever: “Do I hear dogs on that record?” “Well, I do.”

  9. I’ve been away from CIDU for a while, but I just saw this on TV and thought of you all. Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. A happy Usonion Thanksgiving to all CIDU’s Usonians. May it be better than your last and not as good as your next.

  11. @ Andrea – Why is the man in the red jacket speaking out of turn? In Whamond’s world, mansplaining is normally done by the squirrel.
    P.S. The word should be changed to “squirrelsplaining”, with infractions to be covered by the post-meltdown URL.

  12. The man in the red jacket’s speech bubble strikes me as a good second joke, rather than an “explanation.” The comic works OK without it, but I like it better with it.

  13. I think the comic was written around the red shirt guy’s comment, the famous quote from the WKRP gag.

  14. I was so happy to see you kept up the tradition of posting this scene. It will never, ever, not be funny.

  15. @ Susan – This is actually CIDU Bill’s original post (from 2018) which he then post-dated so that it would re-appear in 2019, and then after that he did again for this year. Nevertheless, I agree with the premise that we should encourage our new Editors to remember to re-redate this for 2021.

  16. What’s always tripped me up when I try to quote this is the odd wording. Even the versions in here can’t decide on “As God as my witness” or “As God IS my witness.” I always thought it was “WITH God AS my witness.” But that is clearly not what he said.

  17. “As God’s my witness” is a standard expression… just perhaps not in the whole anglosphere.

  18. Always figured that the line was borrowed from “Gone with the Wind” in which Scarlett says “As God is my witness I am never going to be hungry again.” As it was supposed to be that big a deal to him when he says it. So it would “is” not “as” in that case.

  19. Thanks again to our Editorial Team for being able to revive and redate Bill’s traditional Turkey Day post (I know that this is not always easy to do).

    P.S. The link to the full episode has since been terminated, so you might as well remove it from Andréa’s first (2018) comment.

  20. This Bliss/Martin panel seems to me to be intended as a period piece. The calender on the wall shows us it’s November (in case we couldn’t place it as a Thanksgiving Dinner??) but not the year.

    And this isn’t the usual Bliss man, but do seem to be the usual Bliss cat and dog. They are becoming closer and closer to being sentients..

  21. Here’s the color version of that Bliss panel. The colorizers have certainly tried to enhance the moodiness.

    I’m unsure whether to agree with Mitch that it’s a period piece. The pawn shop outside, the bare radiator, and the aging furniture, could all be contemporary but signs of modest living and the character of the neighborhood. The man’s suspenders do seem pretty retro though.

  22. Not going to look it up on the Splat Calculator, but I’d bet even the best large birds couldn’t compete with being ejected (released?) at 2000 feet, even from a hovering helicopter. The tumbling and air resistance alone would be harrowing, but how bizarre for the birds, “And what’s this thing coming towards me very fast…I wonder if it will be friends with me? Hello!…” (H/T Douglass Adams)

  23. And here is another version of the same idea, but with a different subset of Stooges, and approximately the same series of gags.

  24. ohforglobssake: Thanks for citing the Adams bit. It does seem like the airplane release would discombobulate a bird, but I’ve seen falconers or pigeon racers throw their bird up into the air, which would seem similarly discombobulating.

  25. Re the Bliss panel, from various elements in it I suspect it was intended to resemble Rockwell’s style; whoever did the colorization missed this entirely. Redoing the colorization to match might be interesting if anyone has the tools and skills.

  26. On acompletely unrelated topic (which was addressed elsewhere just recently), we need to add Deering’s “Strange Brew” to the list of comics with manually applied, authorial colors. I’ll take scribbled pastels or pencils over the syndicate’s “Paint & Fill” every day of the week.

  27. @ Dave – I think the artwork was purposely intended to be not “Rockwellian”. The somber colors help emphasize that it’s a tawdry flat in a run-down neighborhood. Painting it with the bright, cheery colors of the antecedent would have obscured the “point of light in the middle of dispair” atmosphere.

  28. Now that this thread has ten embedded YouTube frames, I find that the post takes a very long time to load in the web browser (both with Firefox and Safari for iOS). Is this happening to anyone else, or is it just me?

  29. I generally don’t read the site with my iPad, so I can’t really comment on the experience. It’s old and slow in general, so it probably wouldn’t be great. With my desktop I don’t have much lag in loading.

  30. When I open this site, I go down the list, right-click on every “number of comments” link and click “open in new tab”. That gives me about ten tabs. By the time I’m done, the first one has loaded and by the time I finish reading the comments, the rest have loaded. Usually.

  31. I do basically the same thing fro LarK’s site. There I can tell which is the last one I had opened because the link will be grayed.

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