Roger and the Night Visitors

Thanks for this to Phil Smith III.

And as Phil pointed out, Dan Piraro’s blog and/or newsletter contained long and explicit explanations of this cartoon. So it would be best if CIDU readers who have seen those discussions hold off on correcting too soon the mistakes he explains.


  1. That’s all I could come up with, but then why do they all look zombie-like instead of angry? And how did they know at whose house to find them?

  2. @Powers they’re zombified because it’s 3AM when they have discovered their covers are missing. As to how they know where to find them, um… Roger’s wife posted on NextDoor

  3. Well, if someone entered your house and stole your covers, I imagine you would follow them to see where they go.

  4. Well when Phil Smith III sent in two Bizarros and called them one-and-a-half CIDUs, I evidently misjudged in reversing his call as to which one actually`presented more of a puzzle, and could provoke discussion. Let’s correct that exclusion and have a look at the other one:

    This one was a weekday publication last week, and thus a Wayno-led product, while the one with the zombie neighbors (or not) was a Dan Piraro Sunday strip — which is why the extensive write-up was on Piraro’s blog. Both of them had minimal remarks about the Pepper Brothers one. But if you enjoy reading an academic-flavored and doggedly explicit explanation of the pop cultural references, and the identity criteria for names in reduced-coordination construction, you could try Arnold Zwicky’s blog on the Peppers panel.

  5. Hmm, I’m still unsure about the explanations for this main one, with the wandering neighbors (why aren’t they worked up?); whereas the Peppers one is quite funny right off the bat, as long as you know of both Sgt Pepper and Dr Pepper.

  6. I like the 2nd one, but it would be great if they had Lil Sweet duking it out with Billy Shears in the background.

  7. It’s the middle of the night and they’re exhausted and they just want their covers back.

    I suppose you can admire Roger’s skill at stealing covers, in that he did it without getting them angry at him. Long practice with his wife, I guess.

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