1. Could have been worse.
    Lawyer: This is all sub rosa.
    Prisoner: Are you telling me that it’s about a Polish-born German revolutionary and agitator who played a key role in the founding of the Polish Social Democratic Party and the Spartacus League, which grew into the Communist Party of Germany?

  2. The problem with U2’s Bono is that it’s pronounced differently than “pro bono”. Sonny’s surname is pronounced the same.

  3. Chak, you mean he would need to be older to have been a Sonny & Cher fan from their original popularity? I guess so. But the Fusco Brothers already have their fixed characteristics so there may not have been a better choice.
    Maybe we can make it work by accepting his past tense as just meaning in his own younger days and not necessarily from when Sonny and Cher were big.

  4. You can be as young as 55 and still have a pretty good grasp on who Sonny and Cher were. They had a very popular TV show that kids liked.

    This is technically a joke and it works, though it’s weak. As for Irish Bono, it’s pretty weird to think of him as a geezer reference but definitely is.

  5. This kid very much remembers watching the Sonny and Cher show on TV. (I especially enjoyed the bionic watermelon) and I haven’t quite reached the double nickel yet.

  6. I accept it. This character is feckless and clueless and being a Sonny and Cher and cluelessly proceeding as though that’d be relevant to avoid admitting he’s going to charge fits his character. As Sonny and Cher is still a recognizable name (and recognized as something from the kitschy days of yore) make the joke work. The U2 singer would make the joke more widely accessible but not quite as funny and Sonny and Cher have more kitsch factor and less relevance. In fact if it were the U2 singer it’d be a bit confusing as it’d be hard to tell if the cartoonist is aware that Bono is no longer as relevant as he was 35 years ago. But with Sonny and Cher there is no question.

  7. “I thought a pro bono lawyer was one who got rich defending copyrights that would otherwise have lapsed.”

    Good one! Mickey Mouse still thanks Sonny for that.

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