1. I was more of the impression Dagwood is rushing back and forth from his office to the break room to see if the donuts have arrived yet.

    It was not an uncommon behavior at a place I worked that had bagels on Fridays.

  2. He’s running back and forth from his desk to the break room. Nobody’s going to call him when the donut cart gets here, because he takes so many. But he wants to get there first, so he can take a bunch. So the only way he can be sure to get donuts is to check the break room every couple of minutes. He can’t just wait in the break room because he does at least have some shred of a work ethic.

  3. Yeah, donut cart. When I worked in Manhattan one summer, the highlight of the morning was the arrival of the doughnut cart. I was 18 then, with a metabolism like Dagwood’s.

  4. The company seems to be too well established to have a donut cart.

    The usual progression is like this:

    Free pizza at a restaurant every Friday at noon, then go home.
    Free pizza delivered every Friday at noon, then go back to work.
    No more free pizza, but free donuts every morning.
    Free donuts every Friday morning.
    Free donuts if it’s somebody’s birthday.
    Free coffee if someone remembers to make it.
    Stop hanging around the break room. Get your coffee and go back to your desk.

  5. Panda captured my feelings when I read it Sunday in the paper [1]

    Yes, actual carbon-based reading material.

  6. As the system eats my footnotes, I am going to try markdown.

    Here’s a simple footnote,1 in the text

    This is the first footnote. 

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