1. This is a conundrum. I had given up on reading comics anywhere except here. Now I guess I’ll have to read them so I can contribute.

  2. bpostow: Running out of CIDUs feels like reaching the end of the internet…

    I think they found the terminus, at a site in Newfoundland. :-)?

  3. Mitch4: I remember that from when I worked at an ISP in Singapore. It was a page on a server at Memorial University in St. John’s. I think I saw that in 1997, about the same time I discovered CIDU. Can’t find a reference to it with a quick Google. And there were copies done elsewhere.

    beckoningchasm: IKR? But now I feel like a freeloader, so I went and read some comments and found out just how little I understand, so Imma do my part now.

  4. I actually only read 4-5 comics on a regular basis, which means I have trouble coming up with my own CIDUs. 😦

    We could loosen the CIDU-ness of posts, like today’s post, which isn’t a true CIDU, but just there to pose a question. Or maybe just have lots of LOL cats.

  5. I do think we have gotten more strict-minded about what counts as CIDU, with many readers turning against counting “[well I get the joke BUT] I don’t understand how it’s supposed to be very good” . It’s hard to say we want those to count, but still avoid sheer bashing of a comic. Maybe more of an “Okay, but is that all there is?”.

  6. P.S. Thanks to those who have responded by sending in some CIDUs, or indeed a batch! Please don’t be concerned if you don’t get an email acknowledgement promptly. We will need a pause to work thru these.

  7. Well, that Arnold in the first comment here certainly fits the CIDU bill.

    I’m the opposite of those who stopped reading comics. My list has occasionally expanded with comics cited here.

  8. “Well, that Arnold in the first comment here certainly fits the CIDU bill.”

    It fits in the I-refuse-to-acknowledge-people-exist-who-find-this-qualifies-as-a-joke.

    Arnold’s teacher says “weinie” and Arnold thinks it sounds like penis and wants to tell him he shouldn’t say it because people will make fun of him. The teacher gets stubborn and says it’s a perfectly acceptable phrase from his childhood and Arnold, a modern day kid with his mind in the gutter, freaks out.

    It’s NOT an acceptable joke by any standards but… that is what the joke is supposed to be.

  9. Thanks, Woozy. At least now I know what the joke was supposed to be.

    Now, if I could only figure out how to get WordPress to honor its “remain logged on” box.

  10. The one thing that used to bug me about this site was the uncountable number of times where Bill would list the one or two things about a comic that he did understand…and those things were what explained the joke…but then he’d end with ‘but what’s the joke?’ It was more like ‘Concepts I Don’t Understand’.

  11. “Bill would list the one or two things about a comic that he did understand…and those things were what explained the joke…but then he’d end with ‘but what’s the joke?’”

    Ditto…. I think the one event that utterly floored me was the excellent pun of “The One Eye One Horned Flying Purple Papal Eating” flying our the pope in its claws and he said “So the words ‘papal’ and ‘people’ sound alike, but what’s the joke?”

  12. In Bill’s defense (and also indirectly in my own, I guess), I’ve found that it’s often very difficult to tell what’s a CIDU. Usually there are some things that I understand, but that doesn’t mean that I get the joke. Usually you can see that there’s something unusual in the comic: e.g. a dog that likes investing in the stock market. If that seems funny to you, or you can at least see why someone would find that funny, then you’re done. But if you can’t see why anyone (including the cartoonist) would find that funny, then you feel like probably you’re missing something. But then you say “where the joke?” and get the answer “you get the joke just fine – it’s that the dog likes the stock market).

    Sometimes mitch4 and I have e-mail exchanges about whether to use a comic, where one person will say “this comic has elements A and B, so it’s really a puzzling CIDU,” and the other person will say “huh? this comic has elements A and B, so there’s nothing left to explain.”

    Thanks to everyone who’s been sending in CIDUs!

  13. Different humor for different folks. The past five years have taught me that there are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in [my] philosophy.

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