1. I’d say either Ask Me Another which is a radio show by me but could be a podcast elsewhere, or possibly Have I Got News For you, British panel show, where they do something like this occasionally, but in a lame ass way, not really trying.

  2. Thanks, Kevi and larK. I do sometimes watch QI (from the Sandi Toksvig era), and hear Ask Me Another as a podcast. I think it is on the latter that I encountered a question format similar to this.

    Advice: If we feature another like this, would it be – fair / an improvement / an offense – to crop off the answer section (holding it in reserve for posting later), to allow for more speculative discussion?

  3. Things like this turn up on the web. One classical music web site had a quiz: pasta or opera composer? Piccini, Radiatore, Farinelli, Campanelle, etc.(Composers: Piccini (100 years before Puccini), Farinelli. Pasta: Radiatore, Campanelle.)

  4. Ask Me Another is an NPR show that’s also available as a podcast. Sometimes there are two choices, sometimes there are three (called “This, that, or the other?”)

  5. Thank you, zbicyclist, the “This, that, or the other?” segments on Ask Me Another were indeed the main ones I was thinking of as match or inspiration for this comic.

  6. Back in the 90s, I remember listening to one game they did from time to time on Radio 4, I think, called, I think, Dead or Alive. They would have people phone in and ask them if particular aging celebrities were dead or alive. (It’s more difficult than it sounds.) Often, if the celebrity was still alive, it was their birthday that day.

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