1. Is it a visual thing? That little plastic bit that keeps the lid from sticking to the pizza looks something like a cafe table on a French sidewalk, so the cockroaches are taking advantage of this. The semi-sophisticated setting contrasted with the disgusting insects is where the humour might lie. Maybe. I dunno.

  2. It’s merely that they are using the “pizza saver” as a dining table, there isn’t anything more to it.

  3. I’ve long referred to those plastic bits as “pizza tables.” Better caption would have been something like “It’s so nice of them to provide us these tables.”

  4. I’ve always thought that those circular “pizza savers” (as Judge Mental it) look like a card table suitable for a doll house.

    Now, if Barbie dolls (or maybe even Raggedy Ann) dolls were using them, the cartoon would make at least a little sense to me. But as for cockroaches, I really have no idea. Maybe they’re the only realistic creatures that could make use of that table on such a scale.

  5. padraig: Me too! And they’re useful to save. Alas, we don’t order pizza from places that use them, so I’m out.

    Agreed, it’s a vague and not-funny attempt at something droll/whimsical/whatever.

  6. I think it’s more of a comment on the ‘dive in’ idiom. Humans don’t (usually) literally get into their food, but roaches certainly do.

  7. “Heh…I haven’t seen one of those plastic pizza doohikeys in years.”

    You gave up eating pizza? You wear blindfolds when eating pizza? You let other people open the box for you?

  8. woozy: I think those are a Pizza Hut thing, maybe Domino’s. We don’t do a lot of pizza and usually do a smaller shop here, and they don’t use them; we did resort to Papa John’s once last year and I was disappointed not to get a teeny table.

  9. My best local pizzeria always uses the “tables”, probably to keep the box lid from being pushed down into the toppings.

  10. I think padraig’s proposed caption makes more sense than the original one.

    Maybe we should have a “Captions I better understand” (that is, “Captions I understand better”) tag or contest or page or social media or something.

  11. I get pizza fairly often, and the local houses o’ pizza seem not to use the savers.

  12. We don’t have pizza often any more (3 times in maybe the past 10 years and last in October 2019.

    I did keep some of those little plastic “tables”. Glad I did – they work will in my little Teddy Bear village for tables near the park benches and chairs (dollhouse pieces from craft stores).

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