Covid (In)consistency, revisited

The Covid inconsistency last-year collection was a one-time thing, but I thought this was worth a mention:

This is sort of weird. Panel one doesn’t say why the wedding were postponed, but it’s a clear reference to the pandemic. But then in panel 2 there’s a packed line where no one is wearing masks.

So in the Blondie universe, there was a pandemic in 2020, but it’s already over?


  1. In Blondie universe, all couples are heterosexual and same-race.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  2. Isn’t BlondieComicCo, Inc. based in the Tampa, Florida region where masking restrictions and social distancing requirements have been pretty much eliminated?

  3. Yeah, I was gonna ask whether Blondie was in Texas.

    Here in Northern Virginia, while I’ve seen the occasional store employee with mask not covering nose, I’ve seen exactly ONE incident of non-mask-wearing (a 40ish guy and his daughter–at least, I hope it was his daughter). Not that I’m hanging out in stores constantly, but I do shop a few times a week, at least until two weeks from tomorrow, when my second jab will be fully activated! (But who’s counting…)

  4. THis… doesn’t make any sense…. so people had to postpone their weddings and …. so they all show up at Blondies catering???? Why? and why was it an understatement? You say this isn’t a CIDU but … IDU. Actually the only thing I can figure is that in the Blondieverse the pandemic is over and the deferred couples are showing up in droves for catering and it’s funny cause…. Oh, why should I expect humor anymore….. Kinda optimistic of the Blondieverse.

  5. Yes, it seems like between lead-time and the sense that with vaccines we are heading “back to normal”, this may have been drawn with the assumptions of a post-pandemic world. And if this is the first day the catering service is open again, they are getting all the customers who postponed over the course of the previous year.

    A better compromise might have been showing each couple unmasked and close up with each other, but still maintaining distancing between couples. That would make for a long line, but fitting the premise of the story.

    I can’t help noticing the potted plants by the door, which look like green versions of the usual corona virus illustration.

  6. woozy: They had to postpone from 2020, so they show up at Blondie’s catering for their 2021 weddings.

    It was an understatement because it’s even more than “tons” of couples.

    I have a cousin who had a wedding scheduled for May of 2020. Last year we got a card from him saying it was postponed to May of 2021. Not sure if he’s still going to try to stick to that new date.

  7. One of my sisters was supposed to do a UK tour in June 2019. It got postponed for a year because her traveling companion was ill.

    Then it got postponed again because of 2020.

    I’ve asked her not to reschedule, since the universe clearly does NOT want her to take this tour, and is taking increasingly drastic steps to prevent it!

  8. Blondie is one of those where every now and then there is something that might be pandemic related. Last Sunday had Mr. Dithers working at home, but still checking up on Dagwood. I don’t recall that ever happening before, but in real life people had been doing work-at-home prior to recent events.

    At Megacorp (when I was still a productive member of society), my supervisor had WaH capability and would occasionally email us to say that he wouldn’t be in the office that day.

    Also, I believe that regular and sometimes heavy snow is a feature of Blondie, so I doubt Florida.

  9. Danny Boy – London Derriere –

    We own 4 blue spiky balls which are used in the clothing dryer to soften clothing. I never use them, but Robert does when he washes and dries the items he weaves as it helps the yarn threads come together into fabric.

    We have owned two of these balls (got them free with some laundry product) for years -maybe decades and they were unused. In the last few years he has bought the other two. I really wish we could get rid of them – they look like blue versions of the Covid molecule and that bothers me every time I see them.

  10. In 2019 we had a problem with the batteries in our RV not holding a charge – no charge, no electricity when we are not plugged in or the van engine running, no electricity while the RV is sitting around parked means no refrigerator – which is a problem with Robert’s insulin and in having cold drinks in summer while traveling.

    Had to buy new batteries (these are the ones, should be obvious for the RV not the engine). they are the same type of batteries as golf cart batteries (I only know this as was told – have never seen a golf cart battery.) The batteries also have to be installed. They are charged by the RV being plugged in or by the van engine while driving.

    Our RV dealer is in PA NW of Philly. To cut the trip to get the new batteries we took the RV to a battery place near Freehold, NJ to buy them and have them installed. Still not holding the charge (and batteries plus installation not cheap). We were set to take the RV back to the battery place when Robert suddenly found a lot of posts about how many people had this problem with this battery place – and the place would even break other things and say that those problems were related. Batteries have a warranty – but warranty does not cover labor. So we canceled that appointment and called our RV dealer to apologize for going elsewhere and beg them to help us. We were suppose to go back to the battery place around Yom Kippur, and by the time we got the RV to our dealer and they determined the problem, got an okay to fix it under warranty and got new batteries, by the time we got back – we had to have them winterize it (get all water out of “house” system and add non-toxic antifreeze to that system to keep pipes, tanks, and valves from freezing) as it had been getting too cold not to do so. (Normally we winterize/dewinterize it ourselves.)

    So we have not gone on a trip in it since 2018 and it is the only way we travel since we had bedbugs. Robert is chomping at the bit to go on a trip. Our usual assortment of small trips has been on hold too long. (We even take it on day trips to the Lancaster, PA area – where most of our overnight trips are to also – as we can shop at local farmers markets and supermarkets and bring home food items which have to be refrigerated (but not frozen as it is a dorm sized fridge with no real freezer section – ice cream cups do not keep from buying after dinner to eating a few hours later).

    As I always mention – when I say RV do NOT think one of those houses on wheels one sees in movies and generally on the RV shows on cable. This is a Chevy Express van converted to what is called a class B RV, so think about that mechanic’s van going past in terms of what size it is. Bed takes up rear 6ft (6’3″ one passenger side, 6’6″ on driver side) or can be two bench seats facing each other (with table assembled – a diner booth). Toilet cabinet (and I do mean cabinet), third set in front of it on passenger side and mini-kitchen – dorm fridge with small sink over it, 2 burner propane stove with small cabinet under it and small cabinet to hold clothing makes up middle 5 ft or so. Front is the regular front of a van – two seats which turn around at night to sit in. We were looking for a hotel room on wheels and this is probably 1/4 of the size of a hotel room – or less.

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