1. I thought that might be the box he arrived in, fresh from the foundry. Which the local staff just haven’t gotten around to putting away yet.

  2. Gosh, I almost had the explanation right there in my post title. Just a word or two off.

  3. Is,Baloney,and,Mustard,trying,to,be,the,new,New,Yorker?,,,Forgive,the,commas,my,space,bar,has,stopped,working

  4. I wanted to see if one could insert tabs from the keyboard, but for me it just jumps to the next box in the form.

  5. It used to be said that EMACS could be understood as acronym for Escape Meta Alt Control Shift. (Meta was a quasi-abstraction in EMACS, generally implemented as a sequence of ESC followed by some other key.)

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