1. “I don’t remember the Love Is couple talking, either.”

    Sunday strips can have characters who don’t talk talk.

    I’m surprised “Love Is” exist but given that it does, I’d be surprised if the kids were still naked in this day and age.

    And given the final panel, it would be really creepy if she were naked in the stocking.

  2. My understanding was that they started wearing clothes a few years ago. Can you find any strips from the last two years in which they were back to not doing so?

  3. My guess was they started wearing clothes a few years or decades ago too. But flipping through the current week, (for example the one I linked– hats and mittens don’t count as clothes if you are foregoing pants, shirts, underwear, socks and shoes– or the one Winter Wallaby linked) its a mostly naked thing.

    There’s a few that would be creepy naked:

  4. woozy: It’s bizarre that they walk around completely naked, except for putting on hats and mittens.

  5. I agree with zbicyclist, and must note that Ziggy, Donald Duck, and others seem to forgo pants as well.

  6. With some comics you get the sense that the Sunday strip is done by a completely different artist and writer.

    When I was a kid I read lots of comic books. Many of them, including Henry, Peanuts, Little Lulu, and Nancy, were licensed from the original creators but done by a different comic-book team. Even though Henry never spoke in the newspaper, he spoke quite a lot in the comic book. He also spoke in the 1930’s Betty Boop cartoon he appeared in.

  7. Boise Ed: When the Marvel Comics character Howard the Duck (a sentient duck from another dimension now in basic Marvel Universe human heroland) debuted, he didn’t wear pants. But he was already pretty obviously a ripoff of Donald Duck, and after a few appearances some power that be in storyline forced him into wearing pants, which he thereafter did. (Obviously intended to signify Disney; don’t know if that was in reality the case or not.)

    I suppose if there were another, much richer and more famous, trope about human beings who generally ran around naked, the (off and on) changeover in LOVE IS to wearing clothes good be blamed on them. All I can think of is “Adam and Eve” from GENESIS, and I suspect G*d has better things to do, though.

  8. Shrug- Having helped Robert setup his small, modern loom just to make a scarf or something even smaller, God did not have time to waste setting up a loom and having the fabric woven to make Adam and Eve clothing – plus according to the Bible they did not even know they were naked until after they ate the apple.

  9. @Brian in STL: I’m not sure that’s a different crew for the Sunday Dick Tracy strip. In the daily strips, only Joe Staton and Mike Curtis are credited, and they are also first-credited on Sundays. But it looks like they also give credit to their inker/letterer (Shelley Pleger) and their colorist (Shane Fisher) on Sundays.

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