Don Knotts’ Family

From chemgal.

(Not a mirage! You are seeing two copies of the comic. Temporarily there really are two posted. This is a tech experiment. Viewers who have a difference in how easy the two are to display on your device, or in how easy they are to read, please feel free to put in comments — particularly if your device is a phone. Thanks!)

Let’s try another comparison, to avoid confounding factors.

OMG that is terrible! Well, I guess I learned something, even if not real clear what …

What if we make it really tiny, give it rounded corners, and put the comment as a purple caption?


  1. Firefox on Windows laptop:
    First is clearest but small
    Second is larger and slightly fuzzier
    Third is very small and very fuzzy
    Fourth is a joke (thank goodness!). Though I don’t mind the purple.

    I could read either 1 or 2 without difficulty, but as someone mentioned some strips have more detail and might be better at size 2.

  2. Second, larger one easier to read only because of size, but can read first or second – last two too small to see – am on 19 inch Win 10 laptop.

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