1. Wait, what? The main thing IDU is who posted this. Was it just scheduled in the queue weeks ago?

    As for the comic: The couple has bought a small painting by Braque. However, as Braque is famous, part of the “price” is not just what they paid for it, but that it calls for a museum-like display (with an annoying light shining directly on their bed), and a security guard.

  2. Nice to see a new comics post!

    Winter has it right on the comic. My only point of difference might be the purpose of the light — I think it is part of the security, so the guard can keep checking it — not that guests are marched thru to see it as in a museum and need the correct lighting.

  3. I knew Bill queued up posts in advance, so I was surprised we weren’t seeing any.

    The names “Gillian and Barry” made me think they might be a pun on Guillain-Barré Syndrome, but I guess that’s not the case.

  4. It’s a commentary on how there are connections in life that we sometimes don’t see or consider when we make choices or take actions. Most things have strings attached, whether literal or, in this case, metaphorical.

  5. Several months ago I submitted a very old H.T. Webster comic, and gave Bill two possible dates on which it would be appropriate to post (as an anniversary of Webster’s birth or death, respectively), both were a couple of years in the future. I’m not sure which date Bill selected, but either way, he mentioned that it was not the longest term item in the CIDU queue (he did not reveal what the record-holder was).

  6. Wow, wonderfully weird to see this today. I guess we have to keep checking back to see what else had been queued.

  7. Braque is famous? I suppose that admitting that I’d never heard of him reveals me to be some sort of heathen. Now that I’ve looked him up and seen some of what he produced, I see I didn’t miss much. As for the comic, I’d guess that WW was right.

  8. It’s like, if someone asks “Who developed the theory of evolution by natural selection?” and you’re being very punctilious, you might answer “It was Darwin! … oh, erm, and independently Wallace.” Then if asked “Who developed Cubism?” you might answer “It was Picasso! … oh, um, and in collaboration with him, Braque.”

  9. At any rate, nice to have a “CIDU from Beyond.” RIP Bill.
    (Anybody checked on Idiot Bill? Be a shame if he was buried by mistake. But funny. And fair.)

  10. Does anyone else use the “RSS feeds” link for CIDU? Perhaps this is just a temporary hiccup, but this post did not appear in that list, although Aaron’s “Recent News” post did appear there.

  11. @Kilby: my archive scrapes exclusively from the RSS feed, and since this thread was scraped, this thread was there…
    Wait! I scrape the comments rss feed, where this thread obviously was; maybe it wasn’t on the topics rss feed — I can’t speak to that.

  12. I’ve been trying to wrestle into shape a comment about how using his famous name for a mere pun is something of a Braque Lessener.

  13. @Boise_Ed “Braque is famous?”

    I’d never heard of him, either. I have a high school friend (now a retired professor of art) who posts a famous picture by a famous artist on the artist’s birthday. This is very educational, but also humbling because I’ve seldom heard of the artist.

    Today’s is “Nude Warrior with a Spear” by Theodore Gericault. I teased him that it looks like one of his self-portraits.

  14. Melcher has a running gag about “Great Moments in Phallic Portraiture”: it looks like that guy is carefully holding the spear to avoid such exposure.

  15. @ larK – The RSS feed for “Posts” has not updated since the “Recent News” post, so maybe there was a manual operation needed to make it happen.

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